File Sharing Pros and Cons


When you share the file with other people, there have many of good things. ┬áThere are companies who benefit greatly for having the ability to share their files, for example, software developers who want to share their files to testers- it allows them to get free feedback and receive but or error reports. Also recording company and its registered distributors who allow the use of file sharing are giving their customers a preview of the songs they want to hear before buying. It benefits also the buyers of music because they don’t have to purchase the whole CD or album.

When you download files from other people, there have a lot of problem things. If you will share your files by allowing the P2P cite to pen your computer or a folder to other users in the P2P network that meaning is your computer hacking from files then hacker take your all information. Also if you are using a computer at work to share or download files to untrusted source or people, your are putting the whole computers at work at risk.

I think file sharing is not good to game maker and┬ámusician because they were spend money and time for make a money, but when some person buy the game or music then share the file, game maker and musician don’t have any benefit also they cannot make more funny game or good music. So we have to not sharing the file for makers.

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