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My Opinion on online dating, is that it may be helpful some people. Of all those people I am not one of them. I do not trust online dating. One of my reasons is because the show “CatFish.” This show shows many people are lying about who they are online. They not only lie about little things like weight or age but they lie about gender and race. Some people have found out that they have been talking to one of their family members or close friends. Online Dating is not for me I much rather meet the person in person right off the bat rather than online. With a screen in front of you, you can lie about anything and fake emotions and say anything you want and the other person would never know what is true, because they can’t see facial expressions or change in voice tone. For some people Online Dating might work, like people who have busy lives with work or something like that, because they can go home and just look online and set up a meeting. In my opinion Online Dating only works for certain people, on certain sites.

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