Fun. Intense. Exciting. And best of all, free! There are different kinds of free to play games, and each of them have their pros and cons. In this essay I’m going to share my views on each.

Completely F2P

First of all, there are completely free to play games. The good parts about this type of game is that you can play forever, without paying anything. So you don’t have to worry about other people having insanely overpowered abilities in which you won’t be able to do good in the game. Some cons for this type of free to play game is that there are normally ads for these types of game, which is how the developer makes money on them. You can’t use any money on it, so it’s not pay to win, which means, if you want to pay to get ahead, you can’t. You normally get better in the game just by practicing. Some of these types of games have no cooperative play, but others do. Some of these types of games are fun to me but they get boring because they are repetitive. I like another type of F2P(free to play) game, which will be described in the next paragraph.

Optional Pay

The second type of free to play game are games where you can pay, but you don’t have to. The company makes money through in-app purchasing. For example, Supercell makes 5,000,000 on Clash of Clans from in-app purchasing per day. Some good aspects of these games are that if you want, you can pay to get ahead in the game faster, it can be pretty intense at times, and normally, you have a clan or alliance where you can help other friends out. This makes more a community than games where you can’t pay at all. Some cons about this type of F2P game if that for the people who can’t play, they have to spend more time to catch up to the level of people who can pay and play. I like these types of games a lot, because you spend the most time on them, they have the most benefits as opposed to the two other types of free to play games, and not many cons. I like these types of games because some of them have an idea of building an empire or city and becoming the most powerful.

P2W Games

The third and last type of F2P game is the type where you can play for free up to a certain point, but eventually you have to pay to get any farther. The good part about this type of game is that it’s the most competitive because all the people at the top of the game have to constantly pay and keep trying to stay ahead of everyone else. Some bad parts about this is that sometimes, you just want to play a good F2P game, and you think one looks good, and you spend all this time in it until you realize that you have to pay. That’s how the company makes its money, it makes you pay eventually. You didn’t see that coming and you know the two options are: 1) Quit and know you’ve just wasted a bunch of time, or 2) Pay a lot to keep playing and get further. That makes you feel cheated. I don’t normally like these types of games because, even if you know you are going to have to pay, the people at the top will always find annoying ways of attacking you and you can’t get any better.

Pros and Cons of Different Kinds of F2P Games

All in all, I normally only like one type of F2P game, which are the types where you can, but don’t have to pay money. I like them because I think they’re the most fun. I sometimes like completely F2P games, but they get boring after a while. My least favorite is games where you eventually have to pay, because I don’t like the idea of pay-to-win.