Reasons people pirate

  • Cost – For some, it’s as simple as that. TV shows, movies, and video games are priced off of an arbitrary scale, and not based on their quality. A garbage game coming from a AAA producer can still be sold for 60$ and no one will question it.
  • DRM – As previously stated, DRM is not a good thing for anybody. Pirated files have removed DRM.
  • Convenience – If you pirate a TV show, despite saving money, you also don’t have to put up with all these streaming companies crap.
    • Netflix is able to take a show off of it’s service while you’re watching it.
    • You don’t have to worry about YouTube removing the already watched parts of a large video.
    • You never have to worry about Hulu ads. You’re giving them money to watch a show with ads. Why?
  • As for music, iTunes is pretty cancerous. It is bad for anyone who is not an apple fanboy, as it boxed you in with all their restrictions and trash DRM. Apple’s “.m4p” or “MPEG 4 Protected”. These files are only compatible with iTunes and iPods. The computer also must be authorized first. It also doesn’t support “FLAC” files otherwise known as  “Free Lossless Audio Codec”, a lossless audio format.
  • You get to rise above the evil corporations. So many corporations will really just screw you over, and with piracy you can stick it to them. This isn’t so much of a reason as it is an additional benefit.

Now piracy is of course illegal. Regardless of whatever reasons you choose to justify it with, it is still illegal. It’s just kind of Robin Hood illegal.Thumbs up

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