Cons of Arguments: “Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence?”

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Cons Contribute to Youth Violence

  1. In many data shows, the people that played violent video games will always make some trouble in the school or other place. Like people who played violent video games always want to fight people after they played the games.
  2. The medical associations think, play the violence video games will increase the violent of the young people, when people play the games they image they are the character in the games, and they want to do the things that they think is justice.
  3. In the game, always have some weapon help the character in the games to kill other people, such as gun, sword, chainsaw and so on. In some games will teach you how to use the weapon in the games, and in the real life they want to try these kind of weapon, so it is bad for violent.
  4. As we all know have many perpetrators of mass shootings played violent video games. And these people like violent games very much, and some people use the game to train the shooting skill of the people in this mass.
  5. In many data said most people who played the violet will try to imitate the character do in the violent game, and it will increase the chance about young violence.
  6. In many data shows the people play this kind of games will decrease the kindness of the people and it also will lower empathy of the people. And we know kindness and empathy is the power to against the violence.
  7. In many violet video games always have some things about woman. And it always shows the violence of the woman, and it always teach the Discrimination against Women。
  8. As we all know, in many violence video games always give reward to the people who do the violence things.And it will let people if they do the violence things in our real life, we also will get somethings that we want in our real life.

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