Is being part cyborg the new tomorrow? Wearable technology: is it going to be the downfall of the human race or the next step to advancement? The controversy of all technology is that it is ruining the personalness of community among people. We live in a world today where one chemical weapon could take out an entire country, people can not leave their house without at least one piece of technology, and kids are becoming more tech savvy than adults. I will evaluate the pros and cons to wearable technology and then my personal opinion.

My personal opinion of wearable technology is skeptical but also encouraging. I feel that there could be radiation from the technology as well as long term effects such as skin problems from wearing the watch or the glasses. I also believe that there is always room for improvements. It just needs people to invest into it. Hands-free is going to be the future and these watches and glasses are what is the first step forward.

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