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The Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 buds direct three types of frequency: low, middle and high. This means that sound is projected by three tiny speakers in each ear, giving a crisp, clear quality to music. These gun-metal blue earbuds are foam cushioned for comfort and have a shapeable cord for wearing over the ear. The Ultimate Ears TripleFi earphones are compatible with any home audio, MP3 device, or game console that uses a 3.5mm jack and comes with a hard-shell case for safe storage.

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Home:True studio accuracy in headphones designed for hours of relaxed home listening.

DJ: Rugged, high-output headphones designed in partnership with leading professional DJ's.

Gaming: Award-winning headphones that take video gaming to the next level of excitement.

On-the-go: A wide range of earphones and mini, noise-cancelling and wireless headphones, all built for portabillity.

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The Monster Turbine High-Performance In-Ear Speaker earbuds are excellent for deep bass music and noise isolating. This means that these in-ear speakers produce sounds at a low-end frequency and eliminate the vibrating that sometimes happens with bass-heavy music. The Monster Turbines also come with customizable ear tips for a one-of-a-kind fit to keep outside noise out, and keep your music from annoying those around you. Multiple eartips are included as well as a protective case.

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The JBuds Hi-Fi Noise Reducing Earbuds are a premium, compact choice. These earbuds come with a choice of three sizes of silicone cushions to maximum comfort and fit, and are compatible with all audio-playback devices that have a 3.5 mm jack. This JBud model is simple and classic and produces clear crisp sound for a wide variety of music.

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