Some of My Favorite Tactics

Drop Shotting

This tactic is very popular for finicky largemouth bass, but can be used to catch a wide range of fish.

Drop-shotting is a fishing technique in which a plastic worm is fished above a weight that is sitting on the bottom.

To rig a drop-shotted worm, tie a small baitholder hook onto your line using a Palomar Knot. But, instead of creating a small tag end and trimming it off, make the tag line 2-3 feet long and tie on a decent sized weight.

Some ways to fish a drop-shotted worm include:


Spinnerbaits are mainly used for catching Largemouth Bass. They can be fished in a variety of ways, including slow-rolling, bulging and bottom-bumping. Because of their versatility, they can catch fish in almost any circumstance.


My Favorite Ways of Fishing Spinnerbaits



Topwater baits come in many different forms and colors. They are used mainly for large predatory fish. My favorite types of topwaters are poppers, frogs, and Jitterbugs.

Poppers, when given a sharp tug forward, will make a distinct popping noise.

Frogs are fished by using a tactic called "Dog Walking", which is when the angler jerks and snaps the slack line, making the frog jerk from side to side.

Jitterbugs are a brand of topwater which are very simple yet effective. To fish a Jitterbug, either use a stop-and-go retrieve or a steady retrieve.