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Popular Songs

"The Grand Illusion"

"Come Sail Away"


"Best of Times"

"Blue Collar Man"

"Crystal Ball"

"Fooling Yourself"


"Mr. Roboto"


"Too Much Time On My Hands"

"Miss America"

"Don't Let It End"





Styx was started when Chuck and John Panozzo got together with their neighbor Dennis De Young in 1961.

The orignial band consisted of Chuck and John Panozzo, Dennis De Young, Tommy Shaw, and John Curulewski. They signed with "Wooden Nickel Records" in 1972, and came up with the name, "Styx."




Styx Today

Today, the current band consists of James Young, Tommy Shaw, Todd Shucherman, Lawrence Gowan, Ricky Phillips, and Chuck Panozzo.

Styx still has concerts today, and still amazes people with their awesome music arrangements and their ability to always put on a good show.